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    What is my best Pump Set-up?

    01 GPR, Island Carbs, milled head, premix. Riva Plate, Riva intake, R and D CDI.

    I resealed the pump shoe and did PPK but I still spin out bad, but my midrange is incredible and I hit 64 on the GPS and nothing faster.

    Pump is completely OEM, has 50 hrs. on it. I took it off and all the vanes look good and stainless isn't separating. Will a new pitch impeller give me 3-4 mph? Which impeller?


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    With those mods I would look for 6.5 nujet Island made some great ones back in the day. They were set back and repitched ask Carl at Island. You will also benefit from a solas 13/19 but not as much.

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    On my 03 1300(stock motor) I spin the solas 13/19 out of the hole bad. Top end im at mid 64's at 7050 rpm. Im sure alot of the problem is the wear ring. I can see alot of light around the prop. Much more than i see on my 06.

    I recently picked up a nujet 6.5 setback 12/18 from eric at speedfreaks for $75. I'll try that out and see what it gives me. may be time for a new wear ring. Ski has 165 hours.

    It's winter here so i cant do anything for another 2 months

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    Road Trip!!!!

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