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    just wanted to say hello

    I guess this is my first ever post on this forum .
    A few words about me : I`m a student in the Politechnic institute of bucharest , second year, studying electronics, telecomunications and information technology. I`ve owned 2 jet-skis so far an xl700 (brilliant machine, never once broke down),and now a gp1300 (no powervalve).
    I`m passionate about my machines(motorbikes,cars,karts,jet-skis) but never get to ride them all i want or service/maintain them properly.
    so Hello and this is me

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    Welcome to the Hulk land

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    Welcome, none of us get to ride our toys as much as we would like, hopefully we can help you with maintaining them properly though.

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    Welcome to the HULK!!!!!!!!!

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    After long reads on the forum I finally pulled the trigger and bought some parts off of the store. My machine is a black and gold gp1300r .
    Right now my setup is :

    Solas Dynafly 14/20
    Riva trim tabs
    Anti-cavitation cone
    Riva D-plate
    Riva Power filter
    R&D steering nozzle
    Riva EFI
    PPK (pump plug kit ? )
    R&D intake grate
    R&D ride plate with FF mod .

    The current setup has transformed the ski from a more serious toy to a quite dangerous toy. Clocked 66 mph in some choppy water . Efi control unit settings are 5-5-1-6 and I`m adding 1-2% oil to every gas tank on top of the oil injection from the oem system.

    Thinking about Rossnemo`s tb and a machined/skimmed head to raise compression.
    Gas quality in Romania ranges from good to medium (as in differences of fuel quality you would get from the same pump, same octane rating fuel ) .
    We have 95, 98 and 100+ RON fuel which roughly means 91,93 and 95 ish AKI .
    Right now the ski porpoises but only at 50-60 km/h (37mph) and when I launch from stand-still (or as close as possible to stand-still since I don`t have neutral lol ) .

    I raced a wake rxt (long version , 215 hp stock ski) the other day and I was pulling on him constantly but from the hole my ski would shoot upwards and his forward . Been pestering some rxp-x skis on the lake but I can only pull on them in a turn .

    Right now 110-120 km/h is a bit fast and I don`t think I need anymore speed. Having an off at that speed would not be very gentle so I`m going to try and focus on throttle response and torque .

    Thanks and shoot me some pointers .

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