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    genesis performance?

    i have recently purchased a 04 Genesis and i'm now looking to buy some performance parts for it any one have suggestions?

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    Honestly, there is not a lot you can do to a Genesis that will offer huge gains.

    Maybe a ride plate or a pump wedge. Is it carbed or fuel injected.

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    My only experience was with a 2000(I think) Genesis; It had an extended pump and 6 vein stator. Did they all come like that?

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    does the genesis and the virage use the same impeller ? if so does this kit make sense to buy?
    and also does this little this make sense or jsut a waste of time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by polaris_man View Post
    Does the Virage and the Genesis use the same impeller if so does this kit make sense?
    and does this make sense or just a waste of time?
    Those heads are for non-injected motors. The fuel injected cylinder heads have two holes, one in the centre for the injector, and another at an angle for the spark plug.

    That said, increasing compression may be one of the few ways of increasing performance on a Fitch engine. Compression can be changed by a machine shop working with your current heads, but they need to know what they are doing.

    I have not used a Jetworks valve, but they only affect bottom end launch, by stopping the flow of cooling water at idle, so the waterbox doesn't get loaded up with water, that then has to be expelled when you wind up the engine.

    However, without water flow, the exhaust system will not be fully cooled at low RPM, so you need to either not idle for long periods, or plan for the high temperatures, and change the rubber parts to high temp materials.

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    I'm not saying that it can't be done, but modding a injected engine is going to be expensive.

    What kind of speeds are you getting now?

    What type of gains are you looking for?

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    i'm getting just about 57mph on gps now i 'm looking atleast 60 mph or so and i'm looking for mostly holeshot . does the genesis and virage use the same impeller?

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    TXI and Genisis same impeller

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    So i can use any engine parts and impellers that a txi uses just not the hull parts right?

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