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Thread: Y I DO NOT FLY

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    Why not to fly.


    This weekend, I visited, and had the chance to talk to a friend of mine who I haven't been in contact with for a while. She is a flight attendant for a major US airline.

    After a few beers at Hooter's, I went into my anti-airline speech. I've posted my views on forums in the past. And, I have been waiting for a long time to sit and have a conversation with someone who works in this field.

    I started the conversation by saying, "Aren't you afraid of flying all the time?" Just to test the waters a little bit. She answered that she is sometimes, but, didn't go into detail. Another beer later, I decided I was going to get into it. I said, "I used to love flying." She said nothing. I said, "But, I have to admit, I hate it now. I hate airlines in general with a passion." She asked me, "Why?" At this point, I could tell she was very interested in what I was about to say, so I let her have it. I said, "I just get the distinct feeling... Well, before 9/11 airlines weren't making any money. And afterwards, they are all seriously broke. They are all struggling to stay afloat, applying for federal grants to cover employee pention plans, cutting employee pay drastically. I have the feeling that the big wigs are also cutting money where they shouldn't be. I think they are cutting maintenence, and upkeep. Just to make sure they stay alive long enough to keep their big wig paychecks rolling in." When I got to the part about them cutting down on maintaining their fleet, her eye's lit up, and I knew I struck a chord.

    Here was her response, word for word, "CJ, you would not even want to hear some of the things I know. Some of the things I have seen... You would never fly again." I replied, "Trust me, I already don't want to fly again. And, nothing you say will surprise me. Let me have it." She told me I was correct about the maintence. Dead on. She said that maintainence people are supposed to give everything at least a quick 'once over' at every stop. She said when she first started flying, they did. Now-a-day's, she said she's lucky to see them twice a month.

    Her next story was also freaky. She said the pilot called her into the cabin before takeoff. He asked her if she wanted to get to Miami. She said, "Well, yes." Then he said, "Well, one of the engines is not working, do you still want to go?" She said, "You are the pilot. If you can make it, I want to get there, I have jet ski's rented." He said, "Ok. Ready the passengers for a turbulant flight." They told the passengers to expect turbulance. The problem was not turbulance, it was a bad engine. When they landed they reported that the engine had failed mid-flight, not before they took off.

    She told me a couple of other things, that, after a debate with myself, I am not going to post. I hope this is enough to make people think. She recently got a new job. Starting soon, she only has a few more flights left.

    The airline is one of the biggest in the US. It's also considered to be one of the safest. That's a scary thought.

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    Sometimes it's better not to know...I've done my time working in the restaurant business. People got to fly and people got to eat

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    Let me tell you, I fly more often than just about anybody that I know, except the other guys I work with. I fly just about 1 round trip per week, sometimes more, sometimes less, for the past six years. I could tell you some good stories, everything from cabins filling with smoke, to near misses, to the roughest landings you've ever seen short of a crash.

    I still enjoy flying, but I hate airports.

    For me, for the most part, if it's good enough for the pilot, it's good enough for me.

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    i've only flown about 5 times in my 20 years on this earth..... i don't vacation much but that's ok... i lvoe being in my region of the US and takein day trips and weekends trips around NY and thr notheast and neghboring states.

    regardless..... i still think air travel is a hell of alot safer then getting in your car and driving down the highway and all around town. I think air travel may be the safest mode of transportation honestly.

    ya know what tho... it's inevitable. u can't live life worrying about what if it crashed, what if u got in an accident, what if you get sick, what if, what if, what if...... just live each day, and if one day it ends, at least you were giving it your best and doing what u wanted to do. we all have our time to be in situations and we all have our time to be thrown 6 feet under.... it's nothing we can expect or plan or anticipate....

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    5 times?

    Which implies that once you didn't fly back

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    I find that story very very hard to believe. I am a federally licensed airframe and powerplant mechanic.

    First of all no pilot in his right mind would take off with one engine not functioning. It would not only be stupd, it would be literally criminal. In fact he may not even make the take off. Second of all if it was not working there would be plenty of others, including mechanics and ramp guys who would know. I suppose the copolit went along with this too?

    Believe me, an engine is on the MEL (minimum equipment list) and disregarding the list could land a pilot in jail. He is not even allowed to take off it the smoke detector in the bathroom doesn't work.

    Although the plane can fly on one engine, they would even make an emergency landing if it flamed out in mid flight.

    I have seen some messed up things though. One of my favorites it Jamaica Airlines sent back to us a wing flap acutator. It is kind of like a fancy genie garage door opener (screw type). The thing was shot. Apparently it was leaking oil, but it stopped leaking so they thougt it was fine. Of course the reason it stopped leaking is that it ran out of oil!

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    Jack .. Not for nothing BUT just about a month ago or so there was a story on the worl news and usa today about a plane that took off with only one engine and it was the co pil. that decided he would turn the dude in because it wasnt the 1st time he did it .. So it does happen prob more then you would lik eto admit but the bottom line is that its not a fake story

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