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    1994 SL750 part out!

    Sorry guys! Its a 1994 not 1993!

    UPDATE! R&D Aquavein intake grate and Vortex Ocean Pro spark arrestors are for sale once more!!

    This ski is in awesome shape other than the crankshaft! Whatever you need just let me know! Heres a quick picture I snapped this morning.....thumb throttle and tether switch/trim switch still available but were removed already, which reminds me, the quick trim is still in tact on this vessel. I will test it if someone is interested in the parts.......



    fuel seperator
    fuel selector
    all fuel lines including those inside tank
    front hood knob
    1 cylinder


    front hood
    steering shroud
    electric box/cdi/coils


    fuel tank
    oil pump shaft


    last two cylinders
    two cylinder heads
    starter bendix
    carb rack
    thumb throttle

    I've had this ski for a few years now and have given up on it. Just don't have time to mess with it. Crankshaft was locked up in it when I got it due to taking on water and never being completely drained. Cylinders are in decent shape. Hull is in great shape but no title. It has a R&D aquavein intake grate and Ocean Pro spark arrestors. Let me know what you need and I can furnish pictures. I am located in Maryland and will ship to U.S. and Canada but if you want the hull, of course that will be pickup only. BTW, Im not looking to make a load of money so these parts will be very cheap!

    [email protected]

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    intake grate?

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    $40 plus shipping....

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    oc WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!
    If you part out the hull, I'd like to buy the left rear corner rub rail.

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    Thanks for the welcome ph2ocraft! Im sorry to tell you tho, its a 1994, I was mistaken. Im not sure if they are the same but either way $10 plus shipping if it will work for ya. Let me know and i'll take a picture of it.


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    I could use the spark arrestors.

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    Sorry dumplins192, the spark arrestors are already sold as of now. I"ll let you know if anything changes tho.

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    how much for the motor?

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    Sorry gorilla03, the engine is pretty well shot. I already sold one cylinder and the crank is locked up really bad with rust. The cases may be in good shape tho if your interested in those, and I still have two good cylinders and a rack of carbs. I also removed the flywheel cover today and everything is spotless in there. Let me know!


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    I'm looking for something complete, in not working condition....I need a project to keep me busy over the winter

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