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    Head and Impeller Question

    Just wondering if it is necessary to adjust the carb when installing a pro-tech rec head? I was also wondering if I need to go with a 14/20 when installing the head? Right now I have a 00GPR spinning a 13/20, with the free flow tube, d plate, and pump plug kit. I am in the process of getting a tach to see what my current rpms are with the 13/20. Just did not know if I would benefit by switching to the 14/20.
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    yes you have to change the jetting if you add a head

    with a head you could then use a 14/20 (though you might need to get the pitch lowered a bit)

    regardless of the pitch the 14/20 is 2 mph faster than the 13/20

    if you remove the FF and go back to stock you will gain back .5 to 1 mph

    if you do all this make sure you replace the OEM intake grate with something else, the oEM grate is dangerous on modified skis

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