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    T minus 1 week till take off

    Well a little bit more...But my pump from Skat should be here Next wednesday at the latest. As ya all know I lost my pump in the mail so i had to order a new pump, SS wear ring, Tail cone, Triple bearing mod, Impeller, and all of the other shit which will be right aorund 1250 with shipping... TRUST ME! I will never make the mistake of EVER USING USPS EVER again for a shipment! EVER! And the only thing they will give me back in 60 days is the 300 dollar money order inside...BULLSH!T!!!!!!!!

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    How are you going to mail letters, bills, ect?

    Fedex or UPS for ever huh?

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    I mean for packages...

    Not letters....

    UPS for packages.

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    You were sending all that by mail and did not insure it for its full value? Someone might already have all your stuff on his ski

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    Ok story, went to post office...asked to mail this package, she told me it was 30 bucks so I said ok here is the money and without even showing me anything...took my mackage, she didnt ask me for insurance, tracking, ect...

    I am extremely pissed off Geo, EXTREMELY! Hell I think I am so pissed off I might turn green and bust threw my shirt!

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