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    Fuel Filter '03 GTX SC

    Anyone know how easy or difficult it is to change out the fuel filter on an '03 GTX SC?

    I was told that it is IN the tank (sounds like fun). Too bad it is not in-line and easy to get to.

    My ski sat in a garage for almost 2 years with no riding when I bought it last summer... sounds like a great opportunity for varnish to clog mesh. I had to test ride it with the crappy gas but the first thing I did when I got it home was drain it and feed it to my buddy's Ultra150 - those lawn mowers will drink anything.

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    the first thing I did when I got it home was drain it and feed it to my buddy's Ultra150 - those lawn mowers will drink anything.

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    are you sure the filter is shmegma`d? you can hear the fuel pump cycle and no fuel?

    Remove plastic panel between front storage and engine/hull compartment.
    Remove the glove box, by squeezing in the tab (open glove box lid) and lifting the box out.
    remove ventilation tubes.
    disconnect electrical connector to fuel pump assy.
    disconnect fuel line at assy.
    remove the nylok nuts that bolt down the pump ass, gently lift up the fuel pump assy being careful with the float assy.
    mesh screen is pushed on and is at the bottom.

    have plenty of rags around working area.

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    Do I just clean the mesh and put it back in, or do I need to buy a replacement part?

    I could not find a part on the microfiche.

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    what`s it look like? is it all gooed up? is it still in good shape?

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    I have not pulled it yet... just wandering if it is a throwaway part (e.g. in-line fuel filter cartridges) or if it is more like a strainer that you just clean and put back into operation.

    I don't even know if it is dirty... it has never been inspected before and I was told that it could be a culprit in rpm loss... also is 5 years old so it wouldn't hurt to check it out. I replaced the in-line filter on my Yami every season... $15 for a lawn mower-like little cartridge... a good maintenance practice.

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    This is for an 04 GTX. Have a look.
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    THANKS!!! That looks too easy.

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