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    Okay to jump '96 Challenger?

    I was talking to the sales clerk in the tool dept of a department store who said he used to be a Sea Doo mechanic. He started giving me tips and said not to jump the boat. He said it would bend and eventually rip out the motor mounts. Is that true? How hard can you ride these boats without causing damage? We use ours 100% out in the ocean and you are going to hit swells and get up in the air now and then.

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    Someone has to know the answer to this one.... Anyone have any problems with their Challengers or Speedster jumping them?

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    is very tuff on the boat. Aside from the mechanical pounding breaking stuff
    loose( battery, nuts and bolts etc.) violently loading and unloading the pump
    is bad for the motor. Having said that, as long as you keep up on maintanence and generally keep an eye out for breakage, retorqueing nuts
    and bolts, you should be o.k. If your kidneys can handle it, the boat should
    be fine. Good Luck!

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