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    GP1200R r&d engine control unit problems

    hi i dont know if any one can help i recently perchased a r&d engine control unit for my gp1200r the module has a part no on it saying 1816 on it now the problem starts it came with no instructions and on the back of it it has 6 flick switches which i have no idea how to set up i have emailed r&d a few times for an instruction manual but they havent replied
    does anybody have a copy of the instruction manual they could possibly email me or does anybody know where i could down load a manual
    hope you can help

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    do you have a fax number?

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    my fax no is 01322 629687 im in the uk so i asume you will need to add a international code i have checked on a web site and it says 01144 from canada to the uk i hope this is right
    could you please put on the fax :fao dave chapman
    i apreciate you help
    many thanks

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    its on rivas site under performance products installation instructions..

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    thanks for your help
    much appreciated
    cant wait to try her out

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