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    Why Pull off the accelerator pump?

    So i have a 2001 gp1200r that is a premix machine....someone said i should pull off the accelerator pump... im told that the accelerator pump feeds fuel to the carbs.. can anyone tell me why this would be better for my ski? what do i gain? what happends if i am premix but keep the accelerator pump on the machine??

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    You will find tons of threads about it.

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    you know, I tried a back to back test recently on a seadoo. With and without accelerator pump on the carbs. The boat felt like it hit much harder on the bottom with the accel pump on than without. Just some thought, sometimes a ski prefers the accel pumps like this particular seadoo did over no accel pump.
    If you take it off, buy you a primer kit and hook the primer kit up to your accel pump lines and use it to prime your carbs.


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    The accelerator pump on the US Yamis only goes to the #1 and #3 carbs. It was part of a system Yami used to control emissions. The jetting, low/high speed screws and cat all were part of this system, which allowed Yami to pass the emission requirements. This is why there were tamper proof plugs put on the adjustment screws. The problem was the boat had a mean lean spot in the midrange and would fry cylinders.
    The reason to remove the pump is to get the tuning right on the carbs. The combination of jetting and N&S is what makes the carbs perform at their peak. That little extra squirt of juice from the pump into two cylinders makes it impossible to tune correctly.

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