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    HELP ME!

    Hey guys, I am still new to this forum and searching for my first ski. I ran into an 1998 XP limited with fairly low hours and it appears to be in mint condition. It already has several mods (pipe, flame arrestors and jet, 13/19 impeller, and water injection with rev limiter). It looks like an awesome ride. I want something fast, agile, and most important, it has to be pretty reliable. I am new to the sport in terms of owning my own ski, so i do not know that much about them. However, i am a pretty experienced rider. Im only 17 so im dealing with a very limited budget. My other top choice is a 1997 yamaha gp1200 (bone stock) with 200 hours, also in great condition for 2k. Any imput on the XP in terms of problems with the ski (ive heard mixed things on the VTS), or other info would be appreciated. I cant decide what would be the best choice for me. I cant afford to fix a ski. Should i stick with the Yamaha for its reliability and make changes? Or, go for the XP and pray it hold up?


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    Bad year for that ski. If you want reliability go for the Yamaha. The XP is totally fun but be prepared to wrench if you decide to mod. 2000 and up XP's are the ones you want.

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    If you are looking for something to take passengers on, the Yamaha will be the better ride. As a single rider the XPL will give you more thrills though, especially if it has good is faster, corners better and handles the chop better than the GPR...until triple pipe exhaust is added to the GPR and then it is a different battle entirely. If you do get a 1200 cc yamaha, try to get yourself a power valve model (2000 and newer)...the cylinders are seperated so if you stick a piston it is a one cylinder job and it is much easier to put back together than the non-power valve motor in which the 3 cylinders are all connected. Inevitably you will be learning how to rebuild a motor in the not too distant is just the nature of the beast with 2 stroke motors, and the hobby for that matter. Compressing 3 sets of rings at the same time on your first rebuild is not an easy task, this is what the GPs prior to 2000 will require. With the GP having 200 hours, you could be learning sooner than you think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by red rider View Post
    Bad year for that ski. If you want reliability go for the Yamaha. The XP is totally fun but be prepared to wrench if you decide to mod. 2000 and up XP's are the ones you want.
    I agree. I had a 98 XPL it was fun, but it required a lot of TLC.

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    I know the xp would be alot of fun, a friend of mine let me take out his 03 XP DI for a day.. There alot of fun, but can go either way. His runs perfect without any problems, while his brothers cant make it through a day without something breaking. I have pretty much decided on the GP at this point, even though the owner of the XP seems like a very honest and good guy. Once i get the GP im going to swich over to billet trim tab's, convert to premix, and look at putting on some basic (non-reliability) comprimising mod's. Aside from Hull problems (which i have heard there are ways to reinforce), i have heard nothing but great things about the ski. If i could get it running low 60's, with good pull, i would be happy. Im going to check compression and have a friend of mine (who knows everyhting the is to know about motors) check it out prior to purchase. After this season, I plan on replacing the crank seals and checking everything out.

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    If you truely can't afford to fix a ski right now then neither one of those ski's would be a good choice....

    While yami's are reliable, any 2-stroke with 200+ hours is going to need some work in the near future. Even if it's just a simple top end job...

    The 951 motor in the XP CAN be reliable. But I would question who did the work and installed the pipe. There are only about a half dozen guys I know of that I would trust to setup any aftermarket pipe on a 951....
    Piped 951's aren't really known for reliability....

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