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    HELP ME!

    Hey guys, I am still new to this forum and searching for my first ski. I ran into an 1998 XP limited with fairly low hours and it appears to be in mint condition. It already has several mods (pipe, flame arrestors and jet, 13/19 impeller, and water injection with rev limiter). It looks like an awesome ride, and im getting a pretty good deal. I want something fast, agile, and most important, it has to be pretty reliable. I am new to the sport in terms of owning my own ski, so i do not know that much about them. However, i am a pretty experienced rider. Im only 17 so im dealing with a very limited budget. My other top choice is a 1997 yamaha gp1200 (bone stock) with 200 hours, also in great condition for 2k. Any imput on the XP in terms of problems with the ski (ive heard mixed things on the VTS), or other info would be appreciated. I cant decide what would be the best choice for me. I cant afford to fix a ski. Should i stick with the Yamaha for its reliability and make changes? Or, go for the XP and pray it hold up?



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    It really depends on your mechanical ability. Something that is all modded up can "possibly" be a nightmare, "money pit", (mine is) if you are not inclined on how to fix or adjust certian things. It could run great and not have a problem the entire time you own it or it could be a real pain in the rear everytime you take it out. I have found that out personally. i modded the crap out of my 96xp and its giving me headaches and i havent even riden the thing yet. Its all up to what you want to get yourself into. Its nice to be the fastest boat on the water but it comes at a price...your patience and your money(if it blows up)
    Personally I would go Doo and bone stock (less likely to have breakdowns being stock) if i was in your position.
    Anyone else have an opinion?

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    As i said in the general forum stay away from that year. The 98's had the first generation driveshaft and the older ignitions. They were also prone to water injestion from the 2 intake holes in the front of the ski. in the 2000 and later year ski's those holes were covered up. Either way walk from that thing.

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