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    VX Deluxe Vs Kawasaki Ultra LX

    hey guys,

    im new to this forum so please treat me nicely!

    im looking to buy a new jet ski and within my price range i have narrowed down my choices to the Yamaha VX Deluxe or the Kawasaki Ultra LX.

    im split down the middle on this choice at the moment so any advice to swing me either way will be much appreciated!


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    Go for the yam vx i am from uk recently bought a 2008 model and love it perfect size and power very pleased with mine good luck choosing.

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    it really depends on what you want to do with it
    the ultra is a biger ski, so more comfortable with passengers, it is also a great rough water ski
    The vx would be more fun if you are on your own,it has less storage space
    The lx would be marginaly faster but would use alot more fuel


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    What about the kawi 15F? Prices have been cut down quite a bit, i think last time I checked the 15f was a little over 8k. The 15f has plenty of power and grunt, alot more than VX.

    I mean I"m all Yamaha, I love my VX 110 deluxe, but when I bought my VX new it was only $6900, with a trailer. Back then most 4 strokes were 9-10k. For the money the VX was worth every penny. Today you have alot more options and the prices have leveled out.

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