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    1999 slx 1050 looses power

    hi. i have just put in a reco motor only had spark on 2 cyl. so got a 2nd hnd cdi and it fixed everthing. now five hours after no problems i get intermittant power loss over 3000 revs, dont think its fuel as ski is fine at low revs and always starts and idles fine. where should i start...another cdi or am i jumping to conclusions my cdi is a 4060180 thanks paul

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    I would lean toward a fuel issue. Have you checked/cleaned the carbs lately?

    What do the spark plugs look like?

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    I'm with ax, check for fuel problems first. If the lines are old, filters never changed (be sure to check the internal carb filters) and the carbs not cleaned I know what I'd be doing this weekend.

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    Is it possible your in limp mode? Does your fuel or oil read low? Is your temperature good, not reading overheat or anything on the MFD? Does it seem to limit RPM to 4200 RPM?

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    when it looses power feels like fuel . temp is ok will check filters ...thanx for reply appreciate it

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