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    What's with the model designations?

    Hi All,

    I've been doing a little research about Seadoo boats and I've seen a heap of pictures which seem to show older models with similar configurations to recent models but with different names??

    This makes it hard to know exactly what you're looking for. The options regarding one or two jets on various models make it that bit harder.

    I like the look of the Speedster or (bigger?) Challenger but I've seen Sportsters that look like Speedsters and older Challengers or such that look like Speedsters....sheesh!

    Can someone tell me if there's a table of specifications anywhere that shows how many seats, how many jets, what length etc. etc.??

    Would be very grateful for any help!

    From what I've read on the forum you guys love your boats. I want something that will run in shallow water and can be taken to sea in good weather as a dive boat. What's the story with anchors too? The bubble anchor looks great but is it just a matter of attaching it to a cleat on the bow? There's no distinct anchor well - how strong are the cleats?

    So many questions!!

    Cheers all!


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    Try do search on this forum you might get a quicker answer.

    I own a 98 speedster twin 800cc

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    welcome to the forum.

    I now nothing about the boats. 'good luck

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    I've replied to you in the Sea-Doo Jetboat section thread.

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    follow up

    thanks folks, I'll follow up your suggestions. I was really glad to find that someone is out there suporting jet boat propulsion systems and users!


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