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    XL800 back together, next step

    I got my XL back together and it started right up. Using premix now and at 32:1 as recommended here. So far just ran it at the house, 3 times at 10 to 20 minutes at a time. This weekend I'll put it in the water for some slow speed run about.

    Question: When is a new engine considered broken in and then I can go to 40:1 premix. And any other tips for breakin??

    Thanks for all y'alls help with this rebuild and to SBT for grear service and parts.

    Man have I learned a lot about skis since last summer when I bought this 2001 with an oil line off.


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    Well ran my ski a lot this weekend and it ran perfect. I did keep the speed under 30 and just off the power band. Looks like I'm ready for summer now.

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    glad to hear it! you actually posted the question in the wrong section this is like the knowledge library section so thats why no replies try general discussion or 2 stroke next time Z

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