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    Question SeaFoam Carb spray down Question

    thinking of spraying down the gp's carbs with a good cleaner into the needles and seats including easyly accesable hose orfices.
    What do any of you fellows think of the Seafoam DEEP CREEP? I picked up a can and thought to use it, as its said to be a good fogging agent, good for cleaning and is safe for 2 strokes..

    I know lots use the 'pour in' sea foam before parking the ski for the winter.. this ,on the can says its the same stuff, just pressurized... I was thinking it would be a good maintainance thing to try and remove any oil /fuel buildup on these units. My thought is it should work great.

    thought's ??
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    Be careful to put anything with a high acetone/cleaner type into the carbs. the rubber diaprahms and check valves will contort and may even disintegrate. Learned this the hard way along time ago.

    Always use a very mild cleaner..even a green friendly cleaner would work well. I usely pull jets and N/S and use regular carb cleaner with those, but not into the fuel system. Even the viton tip on the N/S needs to be protected, if it gets warped fuel will flood into the main bodies.

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