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    R-12x Ride Plate Mod's/ Jim's Alpha Kit

    To any one...

    To say the least... I love my Honda!

    I have a 05 R-12x and I'd like to get a little more "cheap" performance out of it... I was thinking of having my ride plate modded. Nitro I know you do ride plate mods, but has Jim or anyone else modded plates succesfully? Does it change the handling characteristics and what kind of benefit would I see? Eventually I think I'd like to add SuperJim's Alpha kit (trying to keep things simple and cheap)... just wondering what results I might see... or should I keep it stock and ride the piss out of it?

    Any suggestions or people with the mods it'd be much appreciated!

    I know Nitro knows his stuff and I definately respect his knowledge...I can only imagine the stage 1 increase, but I'm too poor!

    From what I've heard... Macc stuff isn't worth it.....

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    I too would like an answer on to this question.

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    with the ride plate mods, what sort of performance are you chasing????
    do you need it to turn and hold better or are you just after more speed???

    there are lots of different things that can be done to the plate from shimming, extensions and completely refabbing the plate.
    you need to know what you want to achieve before jumping in

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    My stock r-12x is great, but just looking for some cheap performance... if it's not possible, then I will keep it stock and ride the piss outta of it and I know it will take it... but filling the ride plate holes and possible ride plate mod for 100 bills might make a difference... but I don't want it dumping my ass at 64+ randomly....

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    Check with Carl @ Island Racing, I know he mods Honda plates.

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