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    Fuel Regulator Help

    Hi All,

    I have just managed to break all of the fuel tank mounting brackets, the result of which was to produce a leak in the fuel out let pipe.

    Can / how do you remove the regulator? Can you purchase the regulator separately? Or am I up for a whole pump assembly?

    I have attached a photo of where the leak is - any suggestions on a repair most welcome.

    The cause of the tank brackets failing was because aluminum rivets were used which corroded through / combined with a lot of force from the tank wanting to move. I thoroughly recommend - especially if you have your engine out to replace the original rivets for stainless ones and put an adhesive between the bracket and hull when remounting.

    Thanks Heaps -- Stabs
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    Quote Originally Posted by stabs View Post
    Hi All,
    how do you remove the regulator?

    Thanks Heaps -- Stabs
    see the squared "U" shaped bracket over top of the Regulator? follow where it connects to the pump assy, squeeze in the bracket to unlock/unclip the bracket from the pump assy. you could gently use a screw driver to seperate one side then it will pop right off. Hope this helps.
    Then hold the reg securely and pull upwards and it will pop up.

    to install: sparay some bomb lube on the O-ring of the nipple that goes into the pump assy, push the new regulator into place, hook one side of the "U" hold down bracket and push down on the other side of the bracket to clip into pump assy.

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    Thanks heaps

    Cheers, Regulator is off, now for some shopping.

    Thought it would come off like that - I just hate putting pressure on things that look like they easily break.


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