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    Detail: Volvo XC90...

    So when I drove the Mustang back to my neighbors house his wife came out and and liked what I did to the car. She asked me to do her Volvo XC90. I said sure, bring it by at 8 in the morning and I will see what I can do. The V8 AWD XC90 had some power. I was surprised.

    Car was dropped off at 8:15 am. I drove the husband back home. I then looked the car over.

    Overall the paint was in great condition. Just light swirl marks from improper drying. It was cloudy in the morning, so the paint looks in great condition. It was not up to my standards.

    Oh, what is that I see? Looks like someone got bombed.

    Found a little mark. This was later removed.

    Washed the car with Gold Class. Cleaned the rims with Hot Rims All Wheel Cleaner. Applied Hot Wheels Tire Shine to the tires.

    I did a few test spots with clay and found the paint did not need to be clayed. I pulled out the DA and used #80 with a 8006 pad. I found the paint to be on the soft side so I was able to move quickly on each panel. The swirls were removed.

    I applied NXT 2.0 by hand.

    Applyed Natural Shine to the side mirrors and plastic trim.

    Stoner's Invisible Glass on the windows.

    Look boys and girls, no swirls!

    I'm pissed I didn't get any before shots of the engine bay. It was dirty. I did a quick wipe down and applied Natural Shine to the plastic pieces.

    Kman seal of approval.

    And we are done.

    Comments? Questions?

    "Black is a detailer's final test."

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    Looks good Kman....Do you do alot of detailing?

    To really top off the detail try a little Fluid Film on the hood latch/cable, door hinges/latches, fuel door cable, throttle body, & battery terminals. Then soak a rag with Fluid Film and wipe the engine/compartment to make it gleem, prevent rust, and save you a bunch of work next time.

    That's not just a shameless plug..... these applications will get noticed and the results will last.

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    I can vouch for the fluid film. The stuff works great.

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