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    Help Supercharger Issue - Warrant


    Been a Yamaha guy for be gentle on me......Please help. ...I just bought 2 2006 RXP's - 28 what I thought was a smokin them home and one tops out at about 6600 RPM's.....I am assuming it is the supercharger from what I read here......I ran it for about 30 min.....but have no idea how long it was doing this.....They both have the transferrable extended warranty...Yeah...... ....My question is what is a reasonable fix from the dealer.....and let me state up front I don't exactly trust them...What should I do:

    1. See if the ceramics have disintegrated before I take it in?
    2. If the ceramics have disintegrated with....will/should the dealers swap the motor?
    3. Run the piss out of it until the entire motor gives up..then get them to swap it??

    I want to have a reliable boat that I don't have to worry about long term...suggestions.....BTW I will be sending the supercharger from the other boat to Jerry for the updates.....

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    Do the moral thing and trash the whole motor I'm sorry, but IMO that's the only way they'll fix it right (if they can't be trusted).

    To see if your ceramics are COMPLETELY gone you can go to the how-to section and look for the supercharger removal thread. The ceramics are the two dark gray washers on either side of the gear. To see if the clutch is blown you can simply remove the air intake hose and try to spin the supercharger wheel by hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JFizzleJR View Post
    Do the moral thing and trash the whole motor I'm sorry, but IMO that's the only way they'll fix it right (if they can't be trusted).

    I agree since you got the extended warranty.

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    goblastergo, Welcome to the board!

    You can easily remove the rubber hose going into the SC inlet (from air box) and put your fingers on the supercharger impeller, if you can spin it freely, the ceramic or one ceramic is gone. nonetheless, this is not good.
    if this is the case engine disassembly and clean out are a must. Oil pumps will more than likely be damaged and in need of replacement.

    if you have warranty, then find a competent dealer and give it to them now, so you might have it for this coming riding season...

    also feel free to use the search function and browse the How too`s and FAQ section. If you want to get intimate with what`s going on with your ski, you have a lot of reading ahead of you!.
    Thanks for joining us and Welcome to!...PR...

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    welcome to the forum i personally have had problems with the supercharger on mine, they pulled the motor, flushed it out, new super charger housing , impeller, oil pump, etc..... the ski was only a few months old and had about 30 hours on it so i'm a little peeved at brp if i have any more problems with this thing i think i'm gonna run the piss out of it till she blows or just sink the damn thing and call my insurance co. then go get a yamaha

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