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    Impeller and Riva Airfilter question???

    ive been searching onthe forum for information regarding impeller and air filter for my 2005 model GP1300.I will be installing

    R&D 1200 dual bar intake grate
    R&D ride plate with Island Racing Mod 4
    IR Tunnel Reinforcing
    R&D Pump Seal Kit

    Cat already removed and D-Plate Installed.Sponson stepped

    So from searching on the forum i gathered that installing a Solas 14/20 impeller and Riva performance air filter will decrease engine performance without doing any engine mods or installing EFI unit???What do u guys suggest. my order will be shipped anytime now by island racing

    i dont plan to do any engine mods any time soon

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    Um.. with the Ho pump, get a down pitched dynafly (13/19)

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    pm me and let me know how prop works out i may get one also since we have similar mods

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    Here's my thoughts; leave it as is until you're ready to go with the Riva racing air filter, efi, a head and the dynafly 14/20.

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    +1 isnt the stock prop good for 70mph??

    Quote Originally Posted by VOODOO View Post
    Here's my thoughts; leave it as is until you're ready to go with the Riva racing air filter, efi, a head and the dynafly 14/20.

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    i'm in the same boat as you guys, same mods on an 05 gp 1300r. I have a damaged prop so was wanting to change it( locked up on some stones), I'm in UK, its hard to find people with a decent knowledge over here, i was told in my local shop yeah throw on 14/20 it'll work great, the first thing you should do!

    Obviously thats not what you guys recommend, and people on here really know what there talking about.

    So what do you need mod wise to fit a 14/20 without having it de pitched and to run sweet at the optimum RPM?

    Or is this too simplistic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by westy View Post
    +1 isnt the stock prop good for 70mph??
    I ran about 70mph on the stock prop...gutted airbox, D-plate, Jim's FF plate, 1200 grate.

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    The stock prop on the 1300's is pretty good up to 70mph. I tried to talk one of our locals out of putting a 14/20 dynafly on his stock 1300 but he wouldn't listen to me. He took it right back off, ski was a dog.

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    now my prop is damaged a bit so i'd rather throw in a new one than get the stock repaired, its just a case of making sure i have the power to turn it.

    are new heads necessary?

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    A DF 14/20 is the way to go but you will have to do something about the heads. There is missconception that you have to use after market but a stock head milled down 30 thou should give 145 to 150 psi. with this mod you should have no problem turning a 14/20. Milling the stock head is chep also.

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