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Thread: Vegas

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    Talking Vegas

    My brothers bachelor party is going to be in Vegas and i cant wait. Just wanted to hear about everyone experiences in Vegas good or bad post em up. I also wanted to hear any advice anyone has on where to go what to see or what to avoid while im there. Going for 3 days friday through sunday and im not planning on sleeping. Any input appreaciated

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    we have been there 3 times. lots of fun and shows.

    first off bring lots of money. if you dont plan on being in the room much just settle for a basic room. new york/new york was nice. do not get a prostitute and take her to your room. it is illegal. although you can go to a ranch and that is legal. be ready when you walk the strip. people hand out prostitute's cards all day long. you can drink while walking up the strip. don't pass out along the street.

    most hotels/casinos have a ton of free stuff to do/see. def. check out belogio and their fountain shows. go to ceasars place, and check out paris and go up to the top at night. very cool. you can take a helicoptor tour. i have not been on one there.

    hoover dam is cool to tour. i am sure i can come up with more later.
    email me at [email protected]

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    If it is your first time, you will be blown away. I would say don't get all caught up in gambling...just take it all in and enjoy.
    The last bachelor party we had out there years ago, the strippers we "ordered" off the flyer were not the ones that showed up..
    I would confirm what you are getting before you order if you plan to do so.

    I remember it like yesterday

    Fat blob of cottage cheese ass with a huge c-section scar dancing on the bed in front of me, and me telling her to get out of the way, I couldn't see the TV...

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    The forum shops in caesars is awesome, the venecian is also very nice. the breakfast buffet at the Mirage is rediculous. I thought paris was overly tacky, kinda reminded me of atlantic city. hit up Pure in ceasars and see the pussycat dolls. the fountian shows at the belagio are pretty cool, especially at night. The ghost bar at the palms is another great spot. I did not get the chance to go up in the stratosphere or take the grand caynon/hoover damn helicopter rides. Deffinately two things on my lst next time i go back.

    brings lots of $$ cause it goes fast in vegas, and im not even much of gambler.

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    I'm actually getting married in May, and we are going to vegas for my bachelor party not this weekend but next. MARCH 1-4th.

    Thsi will be my 3rd time in "Disney World for Adults" I love to gamble and that place is amazing. You will have a blast.

    You guys MUST hit up O'SHEAS it is right between Flamingo and Balleys in the middle of the strip, it is awsome. Keg beer and like $3.00 blackjack and craps all night long. It is like the college crowd. It is like our favoriate place.
    Also make sure you go to "The Ghost Bar" at the Palms, it is on the 53rd floor and it is a roof top bar and you see out the whole city at night, it is amazing view.

    The most important thing to do is to manage your money, know how much you are going to lose and divide that up for how many days you are there. because trust me you don't want to be stuck in that place with NO MONEY.

    and remember "You can't lose what you don't put in the middle, but you can't win sh*t either"

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    I am only 22 and I have been to vegas over 15 separate times for vacation and other reasons. Have some friends that live out there. The place is crazy. Anyways here is a tip for the regular vacationer. The lines to get into clubs are long, and a GIANT pain in the ass some nights. I learned this the hard way before I had friends out there. To skip this call your hotel concierges. Doesn't matter what hotel your staying at usually, they will call any club or bar in vegas for you and get you some sort of hookup. Sometimes you get on the list, sometimes you get "line passes" or "vip" cards for everyone. Just depends. They also can get you a HUGE discount on bottle service ect.. and if you decide to go that route they usually throw in the table for free.

    Now on strippers. I have never been to the hump-a-rump ranch, lol, or whatever it is called. I also have never hired a stripper in vegas for a private party. I have been to two different strip clubs in vegas.

    Deja Vu, it is full nude, no alcohol, its not the best place in the world.

    Spearmint Rhino, it is top less, no hassle (last time I went), alcohol, and the girls are the best looking strippers I have ever seen hands down.

    Oh if there is spare time and your looking to get a drink in the middle of the afternoon. Hit up the tables and look for the lowest buy in. Depending on your luck you might make a few bucks or lose a few but you will get some free drinks out of the deal.

    Anyways stay safe and have fun. Oh + 1 for the PussyCat Dolls Lounge.

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    Bring lotsa money and remember "What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" (just remember to bring lotsa money and you'll be fine)

    Posts above had the basics covered.

    I like the Mirage----lotsa bikini's.

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    DO NOT call any girls from the cards you receive on the strip. We did that and lost a ton of money for nothing....unless you have minimum of 1K and are willing to lose it.

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    Don't be afraid to ask the super hot chick at the entrance of the casino sitting by herself " are you working tonight" ?

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    Is OG's still up and running? Crazy Town... I need to get back out there before all the water runs out from Lake Mead!

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