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Thread: Painting a SC

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    Painting a SC

    My SC housing has lost a bit of its luster... some paint has come off and there is some surface corrosion where the paint used to be.

    I was just going to wire brush it and use a high heat paint from an auto parts store to touch it up. It does not need to be pretty - just needs a protective coating for corrosion resistance.

    Anyone else do this? Any advice?

    I plan on shipping it to Jerry for a rebuild - does he paint?

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    Use a wire wheel on a drill to clean it up. Spray it down with some brake cleaner and then hit it with some high temp engine paint and you'll be good to go

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    yep, when i pull mine off someday its gonna need this treatment...
    good to know others have already done it...

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    Remember black radiates heat better.

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    I took it to work knocked of the loose stuff with a needle gun then sand blasted it to clean it up and rough up the remaining finish. After I get it back from Jerry I intend to paint it green with high temp engine paint in honor of the Green Hulk. There are a couple high temp greens available but no neon... that would sharpen up the compartment.

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    bead blasting and powder coating GREEN would look bad-asssss...

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    I'll post pics when complete... probably about 2 weeks.

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