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    GTX 2.5 Pump Wedge

    I have searched but not to much before and after answers?
    What speed gain have people seen (GPS) on the R & D 2.5 PumpWedge on the GTX Style 185 HP Ski. Second , because I love to race bouys will it cause it to Slide out on Fast Hard Race type bouy Corners. Thats a No No unless you like getting CollecteD! Thanks.

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    I`ve had both sizes on my GTX. the 2.5 and the 2.0.

    It causes the rear of the ski down to raise the bow. I also understand that alot of CC riders keep the OPAS on.

    I can only attribute sponson type, settings to forcing the ski to slide out on turns. I`ve had G-force spoonsons to 05 stock on my 04. the aftermarket sponsons adjusted aggressively will toss ya!...

    I`m sure others will comment...just my experience...

    I have seen a gain of 1+ also. Depending on what weight you are for max benefit of wedge imho.
    heavier bow more wedge, light person less wedge.
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    I've got a 2 degree wedge on my GTX-SC and saw up to 1 mph gain on my Garmin GPS. It did help cruising on Lake Erie by keeping the bow higher, and me dryer, with a full tank of gas... Ron

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