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    Gents please take a look and help me out

    First and formost hello to everyone I haven't been on here for a while. I had my ski stored for a while and I just finished putting it back together.
    Its seems that the ski starts to miss at times and spew oil/gunk from the muffler. I dont know what it is everything seems to be fine. Here's a pic for you guys to give me some input.

    I have the normal mods-
    reeds (fercho)
    d plate
    efi controler riva
    heads (riva)
    jetworks mod
    jims plate
    1200 grate
    updated pump w dynafly
    open throttle bodies
    and a few other doodads
    please let me know...I am running yamalube 3oz's per gallon on 93octane

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    the crud accumulates until you run it with a hose or better yet in the water but the missing? also your above 40 to 1 with that ratio is what what u want? premix on that boy is normally
    32 to 1
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    you didn't state your craft but I see an efi controller? I didn't think premixing a fi motor was ok? or am I wrong? Z

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    That is with the hose and in the water. Its like thick oil alomost like motor oil. If you think I need more oil please let me know..4oz's per gallon?

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    I'll let the guys with PV motors chime in

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    im probly way off but check your compression and spark maybe your not firing on all cylinders and the oil and gas is getting pumped out on the cylinder not firing

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    Back To What Zmann Was Stating, You Have The Efi Controller So I Am To Assume You Are Running An Efi Set Up And Not Carbs In Which Case I Would Think That You Are Clogging Up The Pintles In Your Injectors. Whenever We Set New 2 Stroke Motors, Whether Their Snowmobiles, Pwc's, Atv's, Performance Outboards They Always Call For A Hundred To One On Break In Premix In The First Tank, (along With Their Oil Injection System)nothing Heavier Because Of The Injectors. Your Exhaust Residue Definatley Looks Like What I See In All V.e.s. Exhaust Systems Regardless Of Product Type, This Is A Normal Condition For Power Valves And Just Needs To Be Cleaned Periodically. However To See It Beyond The Powervalves Maybe A Pwc Characteristic. Zmann Says Its 32 To 1 On That Motor, If So That Is Pretty Strong On The Oil And Will Cause More Residue Than The Usual 2 Stroke Mixture Of 40 To 1. The Old School Guys Will Remember The 25 To 1 Two Strokes, Talk About Oil Residue! Check Your Plug Color, Chocolate Brown To Tan Is Your Best, If Their Black Your Rich Somewhere Or Idling Alot.

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