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    advise on dremel tool for tunnel reinforce??

    i just purchased my electric dremel and just wanna know which sanding disc and which attachment the guys that used dremel, to sand the tunnel.a pic will be appreciated.just need to see weather i have that particular sand disc and attachment

    i have a sand disc but to mount onto dremel atthment shaft for sanding theres a screw that holds it in the middle of the sanding disc on to the am i supposed to sand the tunnel or anything using a flat disc with a screw in the middle overlapping the sanding disc
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    I used a 2"x 2" brass wire brush attached to my die grinder (air powered). Itll fit a regular drill aswell.

    You get them from places like builders warehouse.. last time im purchased it came in a pack with a few different sizes and styles for about R100

    Dremel only
    if you want to use a bit for the dremel, which will take allot longer and youll need a few of them.. (atleast 2) If you use more than 12000rpm they loose all their brissels.

    The part number is 442. Called "Carbon Steel Brushes" 1/2 inch 13mm

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    Dremel will take you forever.

    Read some of these or use the search feature.

    Good luck.

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