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    Hey guys,

    I am new to this board and due to Uncle Sam and tax rebates i will be getting some $$$ back and would like to make some mods to my RXP 215

    I would say my budget falls somewhere in the 600-800 range...My ski is stock and will do 69-71 on a GPS...

    I know i have to change the washers and that has to be somethign factored into the cost...

    I was thinking:

    SC Metal Washers - 100
    Riva Intake Grate (may go with Aquavein bc i ride in the Ocean in Miami where there is always some chop, and heard this one is bettter for chop hookup)- 115
    Riva Intake- 200 (thinking of either buyin or i could make one, but not sto sure how to do that...would be as reliable riding in the chop and occasional swells?)
    Exhaust- 150-250 ( Is there a performance diff. betweemm the Rear Exhaust kit and the Free Flow... i don't care about noise, actually would like it, make the ski sound MEAN...)

    What else could i do guys to get this ski gain some mph...what gains should i expect from this??

    I am in the 565-650 range depending on Intake/exhaust...

    If i can make my own intake and use the free flow in order to gain the same perrformance i could throw in an impeller for 300 and maybe a pump wedge...

    any help would be really appreciated guys??

    ps-how much should i expect to be charged for installation of all these parts??

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    Welcome.... Keep an eye on the classifieds for some used parts. That will keep the cost down.

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    You could do the all but the washers yourself very easily. And Jerry (Greenhulk) can do the install of the washers for you. I heard he has a very fast turnaround time, week or less it seems.

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    ivy I would recommend a pump wedge before the exhaust, it will get the nose of the ski up and reduce wetted area(and improve dryness in rough water).

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