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    I have a bone stock 04 RXP with over 100 hours on it and was looking to rebuild the whole SC assembly. Are all of the parts included in the SC Rebuild kit? And which, if any special tools will I need for my application? Also, I ride the life out of my ski when i do ride it, would a BOV be a good investment, or would it just be overkill for a stocker? I plan on upgrading it to a stage 2 next winter, and would it be more cost effective/durable to upgrade to an 06 SC assembly?
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    The rebuild kit includes all the internal workings of the supercharger.

    This is the kit you would need

    These are the metal washers you would need

    The tools you would need are
    Shaft holding tool
    service mounting plate
    bearing pusher tool
    4 pin socket

    all available here:

    Or you could send it in to me for the rebuild. I charge $75 for a complete rebuild job. Info here

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