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Thread: 1997 Xp Rxp?

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    1997 Xp Rxp?

    Anyone know if a 4Tec SCIC would even fit in a 1997 XP?

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    its a EXTREME amount of work. you gotta gut out everything and cut a shit load of fiberglass and re constuct most of the inner hull, as well as the side bubbles. and thats just the fiberglass work. two custom driveshafts, fully redo the stainless exhaust, wirring, fuel,etc....
    extremely tippy, and nose heavy at idle speeds.

    Yes the end result is awsome, And NO i wouldn't build one again...
    After building 3 conversions now i can say that the yami hull seams to be a much faster hull then the older doo hulls.

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