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    To All You Home Owners

    I was away for the weekend and came home to a flooded basement.It really sucked 6 inches of water plus the damage. The culprit broken water heater.

    Heres a really great product

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    sorry to hear about you basemant dr len, that looks like a good product.

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    In case you didnt... Check with your homeowners insurance...should be covered. should ease the pia issue

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    my moms neighbor had a washing machine go south while she was away. Put a couple inches of water in most of the house. Insurance is covering it but replacing the bottom foot of all the sheet rock isn't fun.

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    Sorry to here about that. Looks like a neat Item.

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    True story: owned a condo on the second floor. Maintenance changed an 8" wtare main through condo complex. Turned water back on at 2:30pm. Memo sent to all owners. Wife comes home at 2:40pm. Calls me crying that water is running down the stairs and down the stairs of building. Seems these jackasses never heard of purging a system. Yeap just turn the 8" feed back on. My water heater grenaded and flooded 8 units badly! Homeowners didn`t cover poo. Told the other owners, sorry it happenned but I go see that plumber and your lawyer like I did. 7 years ago and still in court. They had a payment for me that I refused years ago and conmdo was sold about 4 years ago. All I had to do was make sure prospective buyers new it was under litigation and what for. Heard its been sold twice since. Funny thing is I really didn`t get much damadge. Second floor, and you can`t escape gravity!

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