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Thread: ultra 150???

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    ultra 150???

    am looking at an 99 ultra 150 with a new rebuilt motor and rebuilt carbs has 7 hrs on this motor just wondering whats a good price on it offered 2500 and hes good with this. so is this a good deal???

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    Looks to be a good deal to me, They seem to bring 3k most of the time as long as its in good condition.

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    ya its in good condition might see if i can get it for 2300 that would be sweet deal plus forgot its a sbt motor am a bit iffy on that?

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    If I were you, I would want to check that thing out real well. Try to find out from the current owner what caused the last engine to fail.

    A lot of times the engine is replaced but the cause of the failure is not found/fixed. Then the new engine fails rather quickly. I would guess that oil line cracks and lean fuel issues (dirty carbs, air leaks, etc) are the biggest culprits fro failures.

    Other than that, sounds like an awesome deal. I paid $2000 for mine with a blown engine.

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