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    Well!? that didn`t last long...

    I`ve been on this new job for about 10 days, and took this far away job bc overtime was offered. In the last few days we built up the work force to 20 men. Now that we`re caught up, they stopped the OT. Crap, that was paying for my fuel and tolls for the 240 miles per day commute, now what? It cost about $168.00 in gas and $18.00 per week in tolls to go to work. This stinks...
    Should I stay or should I go???...PR...

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    Is it stopped for good? I know how some companies are about OT...Really sucks to rely on OT to pay for the cost to go to work...What I did was work my regular job and got me a part time job at night which is gauranteed money....

    May not be as good as the time and a half deal but I like the comfort of knowing they cant take hours from me...


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    Foods stamps and welfare work for some.

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    See if you can do 4 days/wk (8hr, 8, 12, 12) and stay over between the 12hr days? This would save 480 miles/wk and get you a weekday off.

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    you really need to weigh out if this job was worth taking considering the distance it is to go to work...WOW. 120 miles one way is crazy. Thats like 4 hrs of driving a day...Lots of gas that you could be dumping in that ski once you get it back..

    What line of work are you in PR???

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    Man, I bitch when they ask me to come to the office once every week or two. I think the office is 1.5 or 2 miles away from my front door

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    Dude u gotta move closer, you're freakin nuts to drive that much.

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