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    New job-time to catch up

    Wow you go away for a couple of months and you have a ton of catch up.
    Ahh but the time away has been meaningful and financially rewarding.

    Knowing of several opportunities that were opening up at this company I started lining up interviews at other companies for practice. By the time this company posted the jobs, I had 9 interviews (meeting with 31 people and 57.5 hours of interviews) and had my resume finely tuned. Yes I had to turn down 3 other decent offers, talk about taking a gamble.

    All the Hours of interviewing and resuming honing paid off beyond my belief.

    Thank you to those who provided the valuable feedback on my resume.

    I look forward to catching up and getting back into the groove.

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    I hope all gose well with your new job!!!!

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    is a rude in order?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruinsrme View Post
    I look forward to catching up and getting back into the groove.
    Welcome back, Scott!! I wondered where you'd been!!

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    congrats! wondering how it was all going to turn out. warm weather is right around the corner....

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