\Playing Feb 7 - 12, 2008 Theatrical Premiere!Quest for FearDir. Grant Washburn US 2007
QUEST for FEAR is the newest offering from Maverick's test pilot, filmmaker and big wave documentarian, Grant Washburn (Riding GIANTS, Big Waves and Tall Tales, Surfing for Life).

Where are the biggest waves in the world? Who is stalking them, and why? Can South Africa compete with mighty North Pacific? Seasoned surfer/filmmaker Grant Washburn takes us on a seven-year journey to catch the ultimate wave. His inside perspective, incredible camera angles and soulful narration make this film absolutely unique. Is a mythical break off of the Cape of Good Hope on par with the mighty wave known as Maverick’s, the world’s premier big wave spot? How do riders overcome the many treacherous hurdles that lurk in this primal arena? Are giant sharks more frightening than giant waves? Join the crew and decide for yourself.