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    GP1400R BB test results...........

    I've been waiting to post the progress on my GP1400 BB build until it's almost complete and actually running. Fired it up today for the first time - what a feeling hearing it fire up on the first crank of the starter. Haven't heard it run for four months now.

    Heres what I have so far:
    • Bored and ported by Lowell Horning (1400 BB)
    • Stock head reworked by Lowell
    • Machined cylinders to raise compression
    • 87mm Wiseco pistons with SwainTech Coating and milled "windows"
    • Ported cases
    • Ported Balance plate and EFI mounting plate
    • Ported and matched exhaust manifold
    • Trued and welded crank from Crankworks with heavy duty mag bearing
    • Balanced flywheel
    • Hot Rods rods
    • 3 degree keyway
    • VF3 reeds and spacer
    • Lowell fitted stock power valves
    • Billet power valve arms
    • Ross's 40mm Sonic Booms
    • Flowed and balanced injectors
    • Reverse flow cooling
    • Dual cooling
    • Switched to premix - oil pump blocked off
    • Fuel pressure gauge
    • Water pressure gauge
    I have it set to run rich while I break it in, but it sounded great on the hose today. EFI fuel pressure held steady at 46psi. With the reverse cooling, the head or cylinders never got above slightly warm on the hose, yet the water pressure was right where I wanted it. I have two 1/2" lines feeding the head, and three 1/2" lines for the exhaust with one being dumped out the back.

    One of the best parts about this build was working with Lowell. I spent a lot of time on the phone with him, and plenty of emails went back and forth. His knowledge is incredible, and I learned a great deal from the talks we had. I incorporated all of his ideas into this build, and it has really paid off.

    All in all, it was worth both the time and money I put into this. The build is the easy part, it's paying attention to all the details that determines if your successful or not.

    I still have need to get my pump shoe mounted, and try out my new VX110 impeller that I'm having repitched to a 15/22.
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    Congrats on your ski. Enjoy.

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    Alot there on your ski, the 110 prop........I'm also to try mine out this summer, Good luck and keep us informed, espically on the prop performance.

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    looks good

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    nice work

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    Should be very fast Norm.. Enjoy the adrenaline!

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    Congrats Gator,look forward to riding with you in the future...

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    Thanks guys!

    Ross, I'm still working on my CFO about the 43's. That was a good deal you offered me, it's just that I got the bill for my 1400 build at the same time. I gotta say, getting bitch slapped hurts! I sorta under estimated the bill (okay I outright lied to her) and once she saw what it really costs it was the couch for me.

    Now that I'm done, I'm hitting her up for a few more dollars. I shot my budget on this build - weren't even close. But I'm still trying.

    James, we will be over to see you guys very soon...

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    Nice Build Gator can't wait to hear some numbers after break in.

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    One thing I forget to add was a d-plate that was opened up by philip_gpr. Plus I followed his guide to adjusting the power valves.

    Another thing I did when adjusting the power valves was determining when the vales were fully opened while I had the head off. Going BB requires that you adjust the PV cables so the valves don't open as much. One thing to watch with PVs is that they aren't forced too far open.

    I made a mark on the cylinder and the PV shaft that indicated when they were fully opened. I then adjusted the PV cables to only open them up to that mark. This should be a good starting point when tuning, and I have a good idea if I'm trying to open them too far.
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