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    '08 STX-15F: Best Value "Ever" Due to Vertical Pricing Congestion

    The MSRP drop on the 2008 STX-15F (from $9500 in '07 to $8100 in '0 represents the best factory-new opportunity ever seen. After a visit to the Dallas boat-show (where a dealer further shocked me with a "Show-Special" of $7200!) I went to my local dealer and had him match the price (with no argument.) OK...that's $7200 for a ski that competed with the very best in "06 and '07, keeping-up with all the blown and intercooled skis (on far less gas, with less ancillary maintenance.) If the "Dream Demo" guys thought it was among the best at $9500, then certainly $7200 is a no-brainer! Yeah...I love the RXT's and the 250 hulks too...but thanks to unprecedented vertical pricing congestion at the top of KAW's line, today for $14,000 you can have his-and-hers Ninja 15F's, screaming right past the gas pumps and the maintenance shops. Don't miss this one folks....this is a once in a lifetime opportunity (just ask the guys with '07 15F's (rebates and all) or even the Honda VX110 "scooter owners" if they might like a do-over.)
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    Wow, holy mackerel!!!

    these were my 2 choices the Kawi 15F or the GPR,
    so many reasons alot to decide. I did go with the GPR, last year made, 2 stroke, 67ish, blah blah, but If I had known about the price drop like that, it might have persuaded me to go with the Kawi. Absolutely best bang for the $$$.

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    Sucks for us 2006 15f owners though, just dropped the valve of my ski by about 1500.00.

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    PR as an owner of a gtx how would you compare the two. I like to play and take long cruises with the skis. I am in the market this year for a new ski and am checking lots of things out. What do you think of the stx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 04gtxsc View Post
    PR as an owner of a gtx how would you compare the two. I like to play and take long cruises with the skis. I am in the market this year for a new ski and am checking lots of things out. What do you think of the stx.

    I like the stlying of the 15F and the specs. I was a bit concerened of the riding stance, meaning the footwells and knee placement are a bit high for me.
    The GPR on the other hand just speaks "form and function" and the lines of the GPR are +1.
    also the specs +1.
    again tho, the seat is W I D E , I`ll just have to get used to it.

    I can not really give a fair evaluation since I have ridden either ski`s. It`s just to cold out for me, brr brr.

    The GTX, that is easy: I really thought the GTX was shaped very well for someone my size. over the last few years I learned alot of it`s handling characteristics and how mods affected is performances. after a while you are just seamless with the machine.

    Having the GPR now, I`ll have to re-educate myself in it`s characteristics and go from there. I am hoping it will have a high fun factor...

    as soon as I`m able to hit the water and ride, I will report the differences better...PR...

    (This is not a bashing thread!)

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    Damn thats a nice price

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    Hey Graham, I'll call some dealers in the morning and see what I can stir up on this one.
    Anyone got a good contact in LA for me to call??

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    Just ordered a 15f in NJ. 7300 no freight charges doc fee 140. The dealers definately have some room in the price.

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    WOW... 7300? I have been pretty dead set on the fact that i wanted either an Ultra 250 or a RXT-X this year... but the problems with the Ultra are worrying me and the price of the RXT-X is making me evaluate...

    That price is pretty good... what can you expect out of a 15F speed, performance, reliability, and mod wise? And I'm from Jersey too... if you had a good experience with your dealer can you please give me the name?


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    Here's a brand new one in Florida. $6999 + $199 doc fee. Amazing!!

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