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Thread: Orange County

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    Orange County

    hi could anyone reccommend a yamaha dealer in the orange county area. looking for a sho to export. many thanks.

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    Orange county in which state? CA, FL, NY, NC etc.?

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    sorry my mistake. california. many thanks.

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    many thanks. i emailed them.

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    Where are you sending those units for export?

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    n z. emailed but have not heard back yet.

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    Not sure if they will help you much. I dont really know of any Yamaha dealers in the OC. Now if it was a Kawi, then I could see if my contact can do it. I believe they ship oversees.

    Good Luck!

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    i dont know about hahms watersports section, but FBC in San Diego will definetly take care of you. they are a great dealership.

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    that hahm place must have sold enough already. they didnt even email back.

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