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    nitro, is boring out possible

    nitro, is boring out the cylinder and is there any oversized piston available for a f12x?

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    Yes, it is, He (Nitro) has kits with larger pistons adv. Send him an email...

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    Tommy, I had to go to oversize bore and pistons here.

    Also, did you ever get your friends F12X going. If so, what was the problem.


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    Hey there sperta, yeah i got the 2 f12x running already. and you know what, the problem was totally away from the sensors as what the warning beeps were reffering to. the other ski is the wastegate solenoid problem. swapped a turbo with another unit and ran good. the pther that really drived me crazy and gave me a very hard time thinking is the cam position sensor. i had to swap engines, swap all sensors and swap there sensors one by one to find out which is the problem. it was a very tiring job but finally done. there is no cam position warning on the 02 service manual and in the new 04 manual it shows a different number of beeps which corresponds to the cam position sensor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timmy_philson View Post
    nitro, is boring out the cylinder and is there any oversized piston available for a f12x?
    I had custom pistons made 4 years ago, Any size you want. email me for a quote.


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