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    Unhappy 94 Polaris 750 SL HELP

    Want to say hi to all . I am new Joined Yesterday. Hope i am IN Right spot . Need Help bought 2 skis 750 SL and had spark now lost it in both. got in Repair shop and they are puzzled to . any body have simuler problems? please let me know thanks

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    Welcome to the Green Hulk Triker. The batteries must have 10.4 volts while cranking to get spark. If the batteries are weak, it will not fire. Did the skis set up for a while since they last ran? I'm guessing so.

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    IS the Lanyard attached. Cant tell you how many times I forget that set when working on mine

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    Welcome to the Green Hulk forums!!

    You are in the right place. What changed between the time that you had spark and know?

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