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    Angry 2002 polaris virage......DEAD !!!!


    I have a 2002 polaris virage.
    Just gone to it after the winter in the garage.....started it up skuggish but it stopped and then battery was flat.
    Charged battery....came to start it and now NOTHING.....ZILCH....DEAD!
    NO sign of power or life anywhere.
    Checked 2 x fuses....OK
    Now I'm display....nothing.
    any ideas anyone please???
    Thought I read somewhere that code ??????? may need resetting?
    Please help

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    2002 Polaris Virage.....DEAD!!

    oh.....and please does anyone know where I can d/l a service manual or better still a wiring diagram for a 2002 Polaris Virage????


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    Welcome to the HULK!!!!!!!! To start I would check you battery wires. Pay specail attention to the ground wire and where it bolts to the engine. As corrosion will limit current. You will need to pull the wires loose and check for corrosion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bud View Post
    oh.....and please does anyone know where I can d/l a service manual or better still a wiring diagram for a 2002 Polaris Virage????

    Welcome to the Hulk!

    Click on Polaris PWC Service manual on this page

    Code reset would not apply, since your MFI display is not alive.

    Sounds like your ground wire needs checking, per Rodneyae.
    Also make sure you have not reversed the battery polarity.

    You charged the battery - are you sure the battery is actually good?

    Do you have a meter to check voltages with?
    Check between engine case metal and battery negative post. Should be ZERO volts. If anything but zero, ground wire is the problem.

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    So, the MFD is not on?

    What color is the starter soleniod? They had some problems with the original soleniods and placed them with a different one.

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    No power at all, I'd check the battery for a dead cell, ground wires as suggested and circuit breaker if applicable. I just repaired one that wound up being a dirty connector at the battery.

    WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!

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    polaris 2002 Dead

    Thanks for replies chaps ....but I can now add more after a weekends fault finding....
    The MFI.....was dead when I posted earlier.
    over the weekend it turned out it was intermittently "appearing" dead.
    Truth is part of LCD display came on, then all of it as in a power on self test. In this mode it was locked out and froze...i.e. non of buttons or anything would respond.
    The speed indicator was wound right round at 80 mph.
    To cut a long story short it was on and off like this untill the display fianally appeared dead again and there it stayed.
    The bilge pump works, all fuses ok....all 12 volt distribution ok.
    The ground from the battery is excellent .
    There is a good 12.4 volts at pin 2 of the MFI and the ground wire from pin 3 is in good contact with earth.
    But the MFI is not lit....appears dead.
    Following the starter motor circuit, from the diagram ( provided by K447...thanks) I have 12volts from the battery, up through the start button, through the solenoid coil, into "soloenoid in" on the start stop module then 12 volts goes out on the "solenoid out" leg of the stop start module up to the MFI to ground it and energise the solenoid.
    Here it endeth.
    If I ground this wire which goes up to the MFI and press the start button, the engine turns over !!!
    I removed and opened the MFI and found driplets of water all over the PCB inside it and on the electronic components.
    Tried drying the MFI out but it still does not "light up".
    This morning, although it appears dead, the start bitton now turns over the engine.
    So, with no display, speedo round at 80 mph, good 12 volt supply to the MFI and a good ground, condensation / droplets of water on the PCB inside the MFI, does it seem to everyone else like this is the fault????
    I notice they are about £250 (UK) to buy.
    Is there anywhere who repairs them or anywhere I can buy a second hand one?
    Thanks in advance!

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    If I am reading your reply right; if you disconnect the MFD, the ski will roll over?

    The MFD has a lock out feature that allows you to enter a code to lock the ski from turning over. Sounds as if the MFD is bad a making the ski believe that the MFD is locked.

    These MFDs are not easy to come by. You might try placing a wanted add in the classifieds. If you are absolutely sure that the one you have is no good, you might attempt to cut it open and see if there is anything inside that could be dried, or cleaned to help its condition. There have been people that have had success "rebuilding" the older oval style MFDs, (take a peek in the tec section for more info on this) but I have never heard of anyone trying one of this style.

    You could be the first.

    Let us know what you find.

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    Polaris MFI


    WEll done Bud.......glad you could make sense of what I wrote.

    Yes.....with the MFI disconnected and it's pin 12 wire grounded, the ski turns over.
    I think you're exactly the \mfi os faulty, it thinks the lockout code is active.

    I did cut open the Display with a small hacksaw and the PCB was very damp with droplets of moisture all over it.

    I dried it out with a display stilll but now the jetski willl turn over.

    With the other symptoms I listedin earlier post, it defo. seems now like this is the culprit.

    I'll have to keep searching for a second hand MFI.

    Thanks for your interest !

    BY the way.....MFI / they the same thing?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by bud View Post

    BY the way.....MFI / they the same thing?????
    Yes, just different terminology for the same thing.

    MFI = Multi Function Instrument.

    MFD = Multi Function Display

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