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    About to buy.....

    I'm about to buy a new ski to go with the ole 1993 SPX. I've been looking at either a 2007 Honda F12 or a 2007 Yamaha VX Sport. The Yamaha is 1000.00 less than the Honda. I believe both go about the same speed 54-55, they are both reliable and both are good on gas. From those that know, what are the good and bad about each, TIA Steve

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    both good skis. Dont forget to look into the Kawaski 15F also. Does speed in the low 60's and 08 new models are going between 7 and 8 grand.

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    I would get the turbo instead of the N/A F12, better resale and more fun to ride in my opinion unless you are going to jump surf [which it is much better than the turbo].

    The 15F is a great 'ski also except the low fuel filler, oil filter location and the reverse system [which is awful].

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    I bought the turbo model. My dealer didn't have the F12X in Blue so he's giving me the GPScape in blue for the same price, $8,299.00. Guess I went in and changed my mind at the right time. I didn't get much from the yamaha guys except to buy an FX HO or a GP 1300. If you buy a VX you'll be the slowest boat on the lake. I didn't even ask about the Kawasaki's since I remember sieze after sieze with them back when I first started with seadoo in the early 1990's. Now if this cold snap in Louisiana will go away I can get on the lake next weekend.

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