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    i am looking into buying a waveblaster. Problem is i dont know which one to buy..a blaster1,2 or 3.

    i currently have a raider 700 deluxe and like to play in the rough water surf, jumping etc, more than charging up and down for top speeds.

    i cannot find any owner manual's or workshop manuals to help me decide so i can look at size weight etc and how they compare to each other. i like the look and sound of 800cc 120bhp on a blaster 3, but the blaster 1 looks great fun. (utube vids). blaster 2 can't be ruled out either!

    links to manuals would be very useful..

    owner feedback would be great.

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    Find one with a 1200 in it or put one in yourself...............

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    b1 = great jumper!
    b2 = sux
    b3 = rare and will be hard to find parts
    all 3 have different hulls

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    Try a blaster 1. I had one with an 760 engine in it. it was a blast (no pun intended) to ride. The Blaster II in my opinion took a lot of the fun from the blaster 1 away. It's is more stable but not as responsive as the first one. The Blaster 800 I had the opportunity to ride once. IT's FAST !! but still not as fun as the original. Parts are the same as the gp800, xl800 etc enginewise. Bodyparts (handling parts) are hard to get. And once again PERSONALY I don't like the 800 engines nor the 1200 pv engine. The 700 and 760 from yamaha are bulletproof. A lot parts for them (still today) to make them fast and still relliable. Hopes this helps you out

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    I Have A Blaster 94 , Very Reliable , One Carb Easy To Work On (which I Don't) . Oil Injection Works Great. Parts Are Still Available , Most Friends Don't Want To Ride It Cause They Fall Off Instantley!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aruba yamaha View Post
    Try a blaster 1. I had one with an 760 engine in it. it was a blast (no pun intended) to ride.
    By far one of my favorite play skis ever.

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    b1 Its the last real sitdown ski...everything else is a couch...i have a gp i cant stand its just to it takes 5+ feet rollers to pack some decent air.....speed just gets boring to fast....and the fuel costs suck.. i have way more fun on a decent water day on my 2500$$ b1 as aposed to my 8k gp.....its up to you but once you learn how to ride it you'll never look back...
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    B1 the only way to go with a ported 760 motor if you need! only 1hr on the motor has a dry pipe too!

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    yeah I picked my blaster up for $500.00 I got lucky, I didn't know anything about them, they are fun. I also got lucky and picked my wife a 95 waverunner 3 gp Mint shape couple of scratches, garage kept, for $1000.00. like gp1300r said $8,000 for one or you could buy 2 or 3 blasters for the same price. We have 4 of us that all have 701 motors two blasters, and two waverunner3. Its fun cause everyone runs about the same speed. later

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    This is my Blaster 3...... luv it....Great fun.

    video of my blaster 800

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