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    New member 93 sl750 project UPDATED! HELP now have intermittent spark !

    Hello everyone! I bought myself a "project" 93 sl750 this weekend. I got a good deal on it since it has no spark on any cylinders. My basic ideas for troubleshooting are to check the simple stuff first and then move on to the harder things. I read that the coils are wired in series so if I have one bad coil I will have no spark on any cylinders, also I read that the stators like to go out on these engines.

    So here is my troubleshooting list in the order I will try things. Let me know if I am going about this wrong.

    1. Hit the reset on top of the electrical box.
    2. Check to see of the kill switch is grounding out when it's not being depressed.
    3. Throw a meter on the coils and check their resistance.
    4. Test the stator with the meter.

    Am I missing anything? Also will a stator from a 94 sl750 work on a 93 sl750? Thanks in advance.
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    Make sure the battery ground wire is a solid connection to the engine block.

    Make sure the battery is producing at least 10.5 volts WHILE CRANKING. Do not rely on the MFD for voltage, check with a good meter at the battery posts.

    Do NOT use an external booster/charger while trying to start it, only use a good installed battery.

    Check the stator and spark coils, as you said.

    Also check for water or corrosion inside the electrical box, both front and back sides of the terminal board.

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    make sure the battery is good...even though the starter is turning, you may not have enough power in the battery get some kind of spark. I know on some models this was a problem, not sure if it was on the 750's though

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    Welcome to the Green Hulk Forums!!

    Check battery voltage at the battery with a volt meter (do not trust the MFD if it has one) while cranking. I needs to be 10.5 + volts in order to fire the CDI correctly.

    Stator troubles on the fuji engines is not nearly as common as the domestic engines, however it would be a good idea to check it.

    Be sure the open the electrical box and look for corrosion or moisture on the back side of the electrical board. Also verify that all connections in the box are tight and clean.

    You also might try removing the spark plug boots and trimming the spark plug wires back a 1/4 in.

    After you get spark, be sure to check the entire fuel system. Do a search on here and you will find lots of info about these issues.

    Remember, we love pictures!!

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    Hi klutch, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!

    I'd also start with the electrical box and check for traces of water.
    The stators are pretty tough on the Fuji engines unless water gets to them but even then it's usually the CDI that takes the beating.
    In the tech section you will find the electrical troubleshooting guide and the manual if you need it.

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    If you lose one coil the others will still fire.Download the manual,and just take your time and check everything step by step,Confirm that you have good parts and then you can check those off the list.Make sure there is no corrsion in the elect box and also check were everything grounds to the engine is clean. A new battery is the first starting place.

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    quick update

    So far I have hit the reset on top of the electrical box, it didn't help. I then checked the momentary kill switch and the lanyard switch and they are working fine. I still have to ohm the stator and coils, but I unbolted the CDI and took a peek at it. Is this the way it normally looks? The end looks like a bunch of rock salt was glued on.

    Back to the garage to ohm the rest of the ignition system.
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    HOORAY for spark!

    I sorta got spark! I tested the coils and I found that the coil that fires the aft most cylinder has a open secondary winding. I by-passed the coil and then I had spark on 2 cylinders. So I guess I need a coil. I corrected a few other issues while I was under the seat. The throttle was VERY sticky and notchy, I got to looking at it and the previous owner didn't wrap the cable around the throttle horn. Now the throttle works great. I am going to replace all the fuel line while I am waiting on a coil. The lines are getting pretty hard. I see some posts about going to a 3 outlet fuel pump. Is the 3 outlet pump a safeguard against lean conditions? I'm sure I'll have some other questions in the near future. Thanks everyone for your help and encouragement.

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    The 3 output fuel pump ensures proper fuel flow to each carb which can prevent a lean condition.

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    I have spark . Now on to redoing the fuel system, and getting some new turf. I am thinking of spray bombing the hull too, but I'll have to think that over some more.

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