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    RXP-X rideplate shimmed from the factory?

    I was comparing the rideplate on my RXP-X to the rideplate on my 215 RXT. There is a very noticeable difference in how far it hangs down. There is a gap between the plate and hull and you can see something between the surfaces on all sides. The other RXP-X's at the dealer looked this way too, so it is not just mine. It is not a huge gap but if you look closely it is noticeable compared against the 215 RXT.

    The rideplate on my RXT is more or less flush against the hull. I don't recall what the 215 RXP looks like.

    So, is it possible this is one of the built in speed blocks on the X ski and maybe a reason for it handling and staying planted better?

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    i just reviewed my 2007 RXP BUMBLE BEE and the 2008 RXP-X and it looks as though the plates are the same distance gapped from the hull at the rear to me .....IF its shimmed its a VERY small amount! at the same time though if they are shimmed that would be a reverse effect on the top end speed and help achieve slower speeds with more power or at least no faster speeds...... that would help scrub speeds and help govern the MPH required to achieve coast gaurd requirements in combination with the grate!!!!!!!!! who knows i didnt see shims but its hard to tell too! the gap on the X looks a small amount larger but i have no way to accurately measure! i considered putting the jims plate on it........ then i would know if they were shimmed! like i said who knows!
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