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    wandering SHO report

    Well, the dealer just told me that he just got off the phone with the Yami distributer and he *said* that the SHOs have been released for shipment. He claims end of the week or early next week arrival. We'll see.

    If anyone gets any news, *please* report - the anticipation is killing me, and I'm just refreshing boards to see if there's any new news. Hopefully GH's review will at least offer some reading material if the ski doesn't make it by the weekend.


    Since I have no ski to ride, I may as well make a long first post. I've been reading the boards for about nine months now - was going to get a 250X when they first came out and then was glad I didn't. Heard about the SHO, read back and forth, and put down a deposit in October. In all that time, I've somewhat successfully been able to avoid getting overly excited, but now I just can't take it. I've got a trailer, a spot at a marina on San Francisco Bay, and I just want this ski!

    My plan is to use it on weekends on the bay and the ocean, maybe catch a lake or two, and then, the fun part, use it to commute to work one or two days a week (two different friends have bet me $50 that I'll only do it once). 20 mile commute each way across SF Bay - should be fun.

    Reasons for buying the SHO seem obvious to me, but for some reason people seem totally worked up about a mile per hour or two in top speed. I mean, the top speed these things get out of the box is basically a lawyer mandate, not a ski limitation. It's pretty obvious that Yamaha could have made this a 70+ mph ski out of the box, but they just didn't want the legal ramifications. So why do I say the choice is obvious? This ski has:

    Better hull (nano) - stronger, lighter
    Bigger motor - *huge* upside on the ECU mods
    Best quality - *fingers crossed*
    Cruise Control, no wake mode, come in handy for a commuter
    Yamaha, yamaha, yamaha - clearly they really are trying to raise the bar on this ski. If you look at the level of refinement on emissions, engine weight, hull weight, etc., it's way beyond Kawi or SeaDoo.

    People who want to bicker about out of the box top speed or tiny differences in acceleration seem to only care about dick-waving drag races at the lake. For me, I'm more interested in something *fun* - who's going to notice those differences without a GPS unit anyway?

    In case I get bored, it's obvious that a couple of mods (boost bump!) will have this thing roasting everything else out there (at least until the 2 seater comes out). The X's, 250 and RXP, are pushed near the limit already, where this motor is designed to be dialed up model year after model year. If anything, I'll bet that's why the top speed is low at ~65 - they want to be able to bump it up over the years to give people something to talk about on the boards.

    My only concerns are fuel consumption and first-year reliability. At least it looks like Yamaha actually cares about their reputation - I'd rather have a recall before getting the ski than after. Let's hope it's the last one. On fuel consumption, I just don't want to have to carry a backup tank for the commute. As long as that's covered, I'm stoked.

    Anyway, I know I'm rambling, but most of us are just in a holding pattern. Thanks for all the comments and -occasional - insight. Can't wait to be riding...

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    Quote Originally Posted by imaginate View Post
    The X's and RXP, are pushed near the limit already...
    So wrong in so many ways.

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    welcome dude.
    plan on getting a black one....thats promising news!!

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    my dealer in jersey has 2 in stock blk and silver he can not sell them yet there both on the floor going tuesday to see the blk as i have that on order, but i wont take the show room floor one. will post some nice pic's tomorrow and wait for mine to come in

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    Right on BM - thanks for the heads-up. Congrats if you get it! And I'd love to see photos (even if it's not *quite* the same as admiring it in the water).

    Kaybat - Black is the way to go! So glad they didn't release it in some cheap-sneaker color scheme. That's what my money's on too... and the stickers are coming off first thing.

    Jtskier - not sure if you're being sarcastic, but seriously. Rotax makes motors for kit cars, kit planes, kit watercraft, and for companies that don't have any R&D money to do anything other than slap superchargers on. Of course people who race and want to tweak the crap out of those little things will get some more power, but it won't even touch a real motor for the money.

    Yamaha spent 6 years in development of a motor that's designed to be supercharged and designed to go in this watercraft. This is the company that overhauled sportbikes with the R1. At ridiculously low boost it's already basically even with everyone else. Dial up the boost a bit, on a ski that's already light, and it will clean up. I eventually may go titanium rods, etc., but for the meantime, this is going to be the easiest 75 mph ski on the water. As far as the ECU goes, my first thought was that I don't see many computerized bits that don't get cracked within a month of coming out - it sounds like Riva's on the case already.

    The Kawi's already overboosted - look at the GIO. It's another motor that just had an SC slapped on it and rushed to market.

    Of course now my motor's going to blow up after 5 hours

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    welcome to GH.

    I love your enthusiasm, but...

    Word of advice... you are writing to some of the fastest mod folks in the world. Most of them on THIS board are either Yami or SD...and both have a healthy respect for the other.

    So far, you've already chewed on your own foot when it comes to your comments on the rotax engine, so you would be wise to use that search function up top and do some research before you make anymore childish (yet humorous) comments about one type of engine or another.

    If it goes fast, somebody here will make it faster. The SHO engine is at least a YEAR away from making serious power, for the average person, without tearing all the controls off of it and starting over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imaginate View Post
    Jtskier - not sure if you're being sarcastic, but seriously. Rotax makes motors for kit cars, kit planes, kit watercraft, and for companies that don't have any R&D money to do anything other than slap superchargers on. Of course people who race and want to tweak the crap out of those little things will get some more power, but it won't even touch a real motor for the money.
    Your a funny guy. But youre going to be hard pressed to touch an RXP with that thing. Keep dreaming.

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    I am happy you are excited.

    I could not think of a better ski to ride across that bay.

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    Alright lets calm down everyone before this becomes a flaming topic. Let's all just congradulate Imaginate on his new ski and hope he has a fun time (then watch an X blow by him) haha jk mate. Its a great ski. Its DEF. a faster cruiser where you can relax at like 50 mph and not consume so much gas. Hey, if I had the chance to go to work everyday on a ski, then wow I would love life=P

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    I'm not trying to flame - I've just been around rotax motors in racing and on airplanes. They're okay, but this one, at 1500cc, is putting out 255 hp already, and it's stressed. I'm not saying that no one can push the motor further in cases where long-term reliability is less of an issue (like racing), or where racing fuel is required - but it's worth looking at the current specific output to gauge how far this engine can go.

    Basically the SeaDoo X's already include a lot of the mods that have been come up with over the last few years, so there's not as much room left in the motor. I don't think that's an unreasonable or uneducated thing to say. I also have tremendous respect for the modders who have basically done the development work for SeaDoo to get it to this point.

    The Yamaha, however, is in a very low state of tune, for introduction reliability and future marketing reasons, no doubt. A simple boost bump would provide tremendous gains without pushing the motor to a point where it loses integrity. My choice on a boat is to get one that's fast now, with huge future potential, rather than one that's already nearing the end of its capacity.

    The SHO may be big, but it's not exactly a tank. It's in the same weight territory as the 2-seaters, which is itself amazing (and it still has room for storage, which will come in handy for commuting).

    My point about the mph numbers is just this: who really cares about 1 mph here or there unless you're either racing or you're that concerned about the guy next door? It's certainly not about riding. When it gets into decimal mphs, it's almost absurd.

    5 mph jumps are real, they're noticable, and they're worth pursuing. The people who've gotten their GPRs up to 80 mph impress the hell out of me. But 66 vs. 67.8? Why stress about it? I just would rather be looking at the water and enjoying the ride than staring at a GPS number on the dash. I'm not knocking the people who do, because they're the people I'll be asking for upgrades from. I'm just saying worrying about .5 mph seems silly for most people. I'll be glad to put some development time in on my ski, so long as it facilitates a better, faster ride. I just don't want to get to the point where the number is more important than the experience.

    As an aside, I've been tempted to get an outrageous GPS number going under the golden gate bridge at full flood. I'm sure the ski would get at least a 5 mph bump from the tide...

    Ultimately, I'm not worried about getting passed. If I am, it sure won't be someone on a SeaDoo. Their hulls just aren't designed for the chop on the ocean or the bay, which is why they get the speed numbers they do on flat water (shallow draft). I realize I'm lucky to be close to the big waves, but I probably wouldn't even get a ski if I was stuck on lakes only.

    Thanks for the welcomes - hopefully this ski does everything it should. If it doesn't, we'll find ways to make it better



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