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    Question A curious learner

    hey, im just curious, where did everyone start. I mean, you all had to have started learning about skis somewhere, I would like to learn what you all know, but dont know where to start Did you guys go to school for mechanics or something? Or did you just learn by doing Any hints/tips on where to learn all of your knowledge would be wonderful

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    Read on this some more...purchased a manual and dug in!

    This site will help. I went back and read 400 pages back..almost every thread haha.

    Good luck. It comes pretty easy if you know how to use a tool

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    My uncle taught me pretty much everything i know about cars and wrenching hes been a mechanic for 40 years. So whenever he was over fixing our cars i would of been out there helping him watching and asking questions. I'm still doing this to this day and its been quite a few years now.

    Try to find a neighbor or family friend thats will to show u some tricks along with doing some hands on stuff. This is the best way to learn at a really young age.

    Whatever you do dont pull mom or dad car intot he garage and start tearing into it.

    I cant really imagine a better place to learn about skis then this website.

    As far as learning how to wrench its an aquired skill the olny way to learn is doing it but when starting u need someone there to guide u along to get the basics down.

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    i wrench on heavy equiptment everyday from semi's to bulldozers but i went to mechanics school and it was a waste of money IMO

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    I've always thought I'd love riding jet skis. I rented standups several times but they were hard for me to ride. When I saw a 3-seater being towed on the highway and saw how big it was I was hooked. I couldn't afford one until I retired but after retiring I went by my local dealer's and I was really hooked. Bought a good shape '04 GTX, then found out the RXT was the better ski so after 1 year I traded for the 07 RXT and been happy ever since. Another nice thing is wifey likes to ride with me so it's something we can do together occasionally. I also met up with Turbo Todd at a rally and found other guys to ride with. Life dosen't get any better than this!!

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    Everything I know about 4-Tech performance, I learned right here (or my own trial & error). Taking the time to read the posts from two or three years back, up til now, you can soak up an incredible amount of knowledge, and see the progression of what works and what doesn't.

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    While I'm probably not one of those for whom this question was asked...

    I road a ski for the first time maybe...15 years ago...then again maybe 10 years ago. These are expensive toys...I finally was stable enough to be able to afford one and after seeing an '05 rxt on a trailer with an '05 rxp I was on the hook.

    After a year of riding, thinking I knew all I needed to know...Ha!...I searched around and found this place.

    I've been in school ever since.

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    RIGHT HERE ON THIS SITE. I would have to say that the best "real world" pwc knowledge is on this site. This site will make you spend tons of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. The fastest of the fastest in the world are on this site. Remember just to have fun! Im sure a 75mph ski would be the fastest by far at your local lake.

    I used to own the lake i ride at on a 70mph Ultra 150. I have gotten carried away with my skis since then. This is why I am just building a simple, super reliable 80 mph ski and leaving it alone. I am sick of driving an hour to the lake and having problems. It really sucks!

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    I started after I bought my '04 adn was ont eh oterh site (the one with three letters) then after messaging and talking to Jerry on there and getting his advice on things I became a follower and merged here and I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!! I learned alot and tried small things like changing the wear ring then the grate then sponsons and then moved up to harder things after a while. Use this site as a reference and trust me if your stuck or need help get online and ask away there is someone here almost all day long that will chime in and help you out. Also post your location and you might link up with someone on here that is willing to come and help. I have met soemof the people here and let me tell you these guys and gals are great.

    One tip would be just do small stuff like oil changes, sponson, intake grate and then move to tougher tasks like taking yoru S/C out and making changes then yoru impeller and then before you know it yoru putting in a I/C thru hull exhaust, doing th ECU and valve train upgrade and changing the cluthes also. Just go slow then when comfotable tackle harder projects. And remember we are all here for you.


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    Right here on this site end of last year. Alot of soaking in. Still don,t know anything.

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