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    '98 750stx - need help

    After all these years, it finally won't start. I changed bat. but same result. It would turn but won't start....was wondering if anybody in the marble falls, TX area that could lend me a hand. I want to learn to do this myself...willing to pay...


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    welcome to the forum !

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    great forum...I have been reading for quite awhile...lots of great info, but don't understand half of them...oh well....

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    after two days of tinkering with the battery, I put some fuel stablizer in and it started right up...ran fine...however, still interested in a crash course if someone is willing...

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    Welcome to the Green Hulk Forums!!

    Someone in TX might chime in, however I will offer some opinions/suggestions.

    Check/clean the carbs. I figure that the majority of engine failures are a result of fuel supply issues. With that said, the rest of the fuel system should be gone over. Check the condition of he fuel lines, fuel filter/water separator. etc.

    I like to check the compression regularly. A compression test can be a good indicator of engine health.

    Learn to "read" your spark plugs. Do a search on here, I am sure there is plenty of info about this.

    I am sure that there is more, but thats a good start. Let us know if you have any questions.

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