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    Island racing Ride plate Mod 4????

    I should be recieving my R&D ride plate Mod 4 from Island racing anytime now.Ive been researching on the forum and understand that the only machining i have to do is the pump and exit nozzel there any other modifications i have to make in order for it for properly??

    i found topics on the forum where some guys had problems with the R&D ride plate where the device on the plate that tells u ur speed prevented the plate from being installed properly as it was touching somewhere and recommendations where made by members that he get a thinner plate from R&D

    will i expereince this problem with the R&D island racing mod 4 ride plate??

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    dont panic,carl will send you instructions,

    if and when you get stuck post where you are with indtall foir guy to help or if i ever get a day off work i will be on msn and get you through it..

    dont panic..

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    Green Hulk forum members will help out they have helped us all get to where we are now.

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    On my Mod 4 I had to grind down the corner of the speedo sensor just a bit (on the plastic)to make it fit. It wasnt very much , or very difficult. If I get a chance, I will take a pic & post it

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    Jacrae thanks,i will really appreciate it if i could see a picof what u did to make the plate fit snug.will defiantely help when im installing

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    easy to do...I just popped mine in the mill and cut it till the bolt holes were about 20 thou thin...or you can get a 4 1/2 grinder with the sandpapper flapper wheel and hand grind it..this works very well....after a ride remove plate and if you see polished spots, thats where you will grind next.

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